The International Reporting Template

Download The CRIRSCO International Reporting Template by clicking the button below:

The CRIRSCO Template, now published on this web site, is intended to be a guideline for countries developing their own reporting standards, and a benchmark for comparison with other international reporting systems, including the UNFC and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Guidelines. It is not intended as a replacement for existing well-established national reporting standards.

As each new or updated national reporting standard is developed, it is reviewed by the other members of CRIRSCO in cooperation with the particular national reporting committee, to ensure that it continues to maintain compatibility with other standards. Just as importantly, improvements introduced by the most recent standard can be captured and built into the Template. This rolling process of comparison with previous standards and upgrading by international consensus is highly effective and ensures that changes are kept to a sensible minimum and that the most recent standard is generally seen as ‘best practice’.