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CRIRSCO is a grouping of representatives of organizations that are responsible for developing mineral reporting codes and guidelines in Australasia (JORC), Brazil (CBRR), Canada (CIM), Chile (National Committee), Colombia (CCRR), Europe (PERC), India (NACRI), Indonesia (KOMBERS | KCMI), Kazakhstan (KAZRC), Mongolia (MPIGM), Philippines (PMARC), Russia (OERN), South Africa (SAMREC), Turkey (UMREK) and the USA (SME).  The combined value of mining companies listed on the stock exchanges of these countries accounts for more than 80% of the listed capital of the mining industry.

CRIRSCO is recognized as the international organization that represents the mining industry in matters relating to the standardization of codes for public statements, as a Strategic Partner of ICMM and also accredited by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), an organization that brings together stock exchanges around the world and dictates accounting rules, by international standards IFRS (International Financial porting Standards).

CRIRSCO is more a Governance System rather than a simple template or a family of members that stablished the International Template for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The CRIRSCO System is based in an integrated and self-regulated governance ensuring all levels are truly functional, divided in:

CRIRSCO Is organized and managed in line with principles of Transparency and Materiality in processes conducted by responsible Competent Persons, who are continuously monitored and provide statements of minerals resources and reserves to reliably inform.

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The similarity of the various national reporting codes and guidelines has enabled CRIRSCO to develop an International Minerals Reporting Code Template, which is available on this web site. This can act as a “core code and guidelines” for any country wishing to adopt its own CRIRSCO-style reporting standard, after including provisions for country-specific requirements such as those of a legal and investment regulatory nature.

CRIRSCO finalized the first international model for consolidating terminologies and classifications in 2006, with the publication of the International Reporting Template (IRT) for the Public Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. 

From the first version to the current version, published at the end of 2019, the ITR integrates the minimum standards adopted in national/regional reporting codes and standards around the world, with recommendations and interpretive guidelines and is designed to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of effective and well-tested good practices, widely adopted through national and regional reporting codes and standards, following a trend towards more stringent corporate governance and regulation, with the application of best practices in mineral resource management, based on high standard public statements.

The sixteen Standard Definitions have been updated in International Reporting Template of CRIRSCO dated November 2019 and in the Codes and Standards of most of the CRIRSCO Members in their own updates.

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International Reporting

The International Reporting Template (IRT) is a document that draws on the best of the CRIRSCO-style reporting standards, such as the JORC Code (Australasia), SAMREC Code (South Africa), PERC Reporting Standard (Europe), CIM Guidelines (Canada), SME Guide (USA) and Certification Code (Chile). These reporting standards are recognised and adopted world-wide for market-related reporting and financial investment.