Formation of Committee by Government of India

Please find attached an Office Order dated March 26, 2020 issued by Ministry of Mines (MoM), India constituting a Committee to discuss and finalise a suitable administrative structure to implement the Indian Mineral Industry Code for Reporting Mineral Resources and Reserves in India (IMIC) in India. The Office Order is self explanatory. The eight member committee is headed by Jt Secretary MoM, and includes Dr PV Rao and Mr Pankaj Satija representing The National Committee for Reporting Mineral Resources and Reserves in India (NACRI), Dr Rao is one of the two NACRI representatives on CRIRSCO. Also included on the Committee are the Geological Survey of India, Indian Bureau of Mines and Mineral Exploration Corporation which are the other members representing the government bodies.

The NACRI Charter, approved by CRIRSCO, deals with the administrative structure on how the IMIC is prepared/ maintained and implemented.

This is expected be the final stage of discussions before accepting the IMIC by the Government of India as the National standard for reporting Exploration results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves in India.

Ministry of Mines Office Order – Download