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MLR CRC CRIRSCO Seminar - Friday 23 October 2009, Beijing China.

On Friday 23 October the Consulting and Research Centre of the Ministry of Land and Resources PRC and CRIRSC conducted a joint seminar in Beijing on reporting codes and the guidelines, standards and codes supporting the Chinese Reporting Standard and the CRIRSCO Template. Approximately 100 people attended the seminar which was opened by Mr Jia Qihai, the Director General of the Department of Mineral Resources and Reserves of the Ministry of Land and Resources PRC and Mr Roger Dixon, Chairman CRIRSCO. The seminar increased mutual understanding of the Chinese and CRIRSCO systems and the supporting guidance for Competent Persons under both systems. Attendance by CRIRSCO Representatives at the seminar was financially supported by the ICMM. A copy of the program and the CRIRSCO presentations are available below.

Summary of Meeting

Program for MLR PRC - Research and Consulting Center / CRIRSCO Seminar, October 23 2009 Beijing.

CRIRSCO Template by Roger Dixon, Chairperson CRIRSCO.

JORC its workings & application of The JORC Code by Peter Stoker, Chairman JORC.

Commission for the Qualification of Competences in Mineral Resources and Reserves by Hernan Soza and Edmundo Tulcanaza

Canadian Disclosure Standards, CIM by Deborah McCombe, P.Geo, and John Postle, P.Eng.

SAMREC/SAMVAL Committee, NRO-South Africa by Ferdi Camisani and Roger Dixon.

National Reporting Organisation PERC – UK, Ireland & Western Europe by Stephen Henley and Grigoriy Malukhin

National Reporting Organisation SME – USA, by Ian Douglas.

Discussion on the approaches to estimating and classification: Competent Persons by Harry Parker, CRIRSCO.

Chinese Classification System, CRIRSCO Template and The UNFC by Ferdi Camisani.

The Proposed Revision of Mineral Resource/Reserve Classification System of China, by Wang Bei, The Ministry of Land and Resources.

Revision of China Solid Mineral Resource/Reserve Classification System (Draft) by Yan Tiexiong.

Exploration and Development Phases and Corresponding Supporting Standards, Codes and Guidelines in China, Yan Tiexiong.

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