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With the demise of the Council of Mining and Metallurgical Institutions in 2003, CRIRSCO was supported by individual professional bodies in member countries but lacked the organisational and financial resources to handle its expanding work load effectively.  Following a series of discussions from late 2006, CRIRSCO formed an alliance in 2007 with the International Council for Mining and Metals and became a Task Force of that organisation charged with promoting and maintaining best practice reporting. In October 2009, CRIRSCO became a Strategic Partner of ICMM.

ICMM is a CEO-led industry group that addresses key priorities and emerging issues within the sector. It seeks to play a leading role by promoting good practice and improved performance internationally and across different commodities.

ICMM provides a platform for industry and other key stakeholders to share challenges and develop solutions based on sound science and the principles of sustainable development. Its vision is for a respected mining and metals industry that widely recognised as essential for society and as a key contributor to sustainable development.

To be an ICMM member, a company must build trust and respect with key stakeholders as a result of good performance in sustainable development, including clear and comprehensive approaches to reporting and assurance.

By doing this they will be seen by governments and communities as preferred partners in the development of resources; by customers as providers of safe and responsibly produced products; by investors as being companies of choice; by talented people as employers of choice; and by financiers as being secure, well-managed and able to achieve superior returns.

The ICMM currently has 27 Member companies, representing most of the largest mining companies in the world, and over 30 Member associations, including regional mining associations and regional and global commodity associations. The full range of its activities can be found at www.icmm.com.


InBrief 'Responsible reporting of mineral assets'.


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